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  1. What is a medical certificate?
  2. How do I obtain a medical certificate?
  3. Who must hold a medical certificate?
  4. What class of medical certificate must I hold and how long is it valid?
  5. What medical standards must I meet in order to qualify for a medical certificate?
  6. What medical conditions does the FAA consider disqualifying?
  7. What are the minimum and maximum ages for obtaining a medical certificate?
  8. Can I get my student pilot certificate at the same time I take my initial flight physical?
  9. What does it cost to get a medical certificate?
  10. Am I prohibited from exercising the privileges of my pilot certificate during medical deficiency?
  11. I have some medical problems and would like to learn whether I can be issued airman medical certification. Where can I get further information?
  12. Is a pilot required to report to the FAA that he or she has undergone LASIK or other laser eye surgery to correct vision?
  13. Can I appeal if my application for medical certification is denied?
  14. How does the appeal process work?
  15. How can I contact the FAA about my medical certificate?
  16. What should I do if I hold a foreign medical certificate or endorsement and I want to exercise pilot privileges in the United States?
  17. I lost my medical certificate; how can I obtain a copy?