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yet another Passover diet
  THE BASRI DIET – THE OTHER PASSOVER DIET I’m going to ask you not to eat four things. If you don’t eat these three things, you will lose a lot of weight. But you must adhere to the diet 100% — not 90% or 95%. But it’s a simple diet.  It’s very straightforward.  You can go into a restaurant, look at the menu and easily know what you may or may not eat. If you stay on the diet for 30 days, following it completely, with no exceptions, you will have excellent results. The four things you cannot eat are: 1) Yeast or dough — This means no bread, cake, cookies, pasta, crackers, pizza, or anything with dough or a crust. You cannot have whole wheat or wraps because they are made with yeast and dough. 2) Potato. Do not eat anything to do with potatoes There is more… You can order full copy of the book here: “e-book” “Print Book”