Is it a pilot’s health matter or passengers’ safety matter?

Based on psychology it is known for centuries that you are what you eat so we don’t need to mention that health is the most crucial element in someone’s life. So we can see now the importance of a healthy pilot, which goes beyond the personal side to approaches the sides of people whom he is transporting. In other words, a pilot can’t fly if he doesn’t feel good as a result he must take care of his health. Imagine this; you are drinking alcohol, eating so much fast food, lazy, smoking, and just few hours later you are obliged to carry hundreds of bags and deliver them as fast as you can but under one condition; the delivered items must be handed out safely, Can you do this task? Normally and under the pressure of not handling properly your health you won’t be able to accomplish the task, so we can see it clearly now, how can a pilot fly if he is not healthy, that will undoubtedly be unsafe for the passengers. So, unhealthy aspects shape together several advices for a good pilot’s health, these advices are exposed as the following tips;

Don’t smoke

as it is proven by so many professional studies; smoking decreases the level of concentration, and a non-concentrated pilot will be absolutely not needed in this industry. Moreover smoking always makes it hard to breathe which causes the full concentration on next breath. Not to mention the massive number of diseases that can be caused by smoking and a pilot won’t definitely want them.

Avoid a lot of sitting

being physically active is the key for a healthy life, ones a pilot is active his concentration levels will automatically increase and the urge to bad health habits will disappear. And that have a really close relation with sickness; active body is the cure to a sick body; in this sense we can clearly notice that increased physical activity means low sickness potentials. Being active is simpler than you can imagine, just by avoiding a lot of sitting and sleeping directly after eating instead you may have a walk and enjoy the weather or the company. It is so easy to be lazy but it’s easier to be active, just try to break up your relationship with television and explore the world.

Keep your brain always active

being mentally active is as important and being physically active, how can a car work without engine, is the same situation for a brain, and pilot is obliged to have enough fuel for his brain as it is the first factor that make his reactions effective. A pilot’s brain can be easily active by reading, talking to people, learning and also by debating and these activities will definitely take you away from television, that tool that hypnotizes you brain and thoughts and stops its development forward.

Eating habits

will this tip can be generally approved by anyone but for pilots without this tip that completes the previous ones it looks like a piece is missing and the full body can work without it. And as learning fuels a pilot’s brain, food fuels a pilot’s body so it is a relation of balance and complementariness. So pilots must watch out what the eat and if it tastes good then it is no good for you dear pilot These tips institute one unit homogeneous to give a chance for a pilot to be identical to the shape of a perfect pilot, and as I wrote this article I believe that these simple tips will guide a pilot to build a good health. And before I sum up I recommend consulting the doctor before making any changes according to your health just for your safety we definitely don’t want to hurt a pilot. As a last word I will say live healthy and have unlimited flies dear pilot!