About Dr. Basri

Ray Basri, MD has a vast background of experience in the medical and disaster management fields. Dr. Basri is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and Board Certified in Internal Medicine, and offers a wide range of medical practices.

Dr. Basri’s medical practice includes

Ray Basri, MD

A sign of his dedication to helping others, Dr. Basri has been a volunteer firefighter for the past 25 years, serving the community and fellow volunteers. He serves in Middletown with the Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company and is the deputy county fire coordinator for Orange County.

What’s more, Dr. Basri is a senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for the FAA, and is in the top one-tenth of one percent of all examiners, completing more than 1000 FAA exams per year.


Dr. Basri has a fascinating background in disaster management, being on-site for some of recent history’s most devastating events. He was at the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11 and was the first physician to the remains of the south tower that day. Dr. Basri also provided disaster management immediately after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and provided service for two years following the event.

On January 15th, 2009, Dr. Basri was the first and only physician at the water ferry terminal immediately after the Miracle on the Hudson incident, attending to the passengers and crew of USAir 1549 as they were brought ashore. In his book ‘Brace for Impact’ (yet another excellent achievement), Dr. Basri describes the day according to his experiences as a physician and firefighter. As a result of his service on that day, he was asked to be a treating physician for the WTC monitoring program of the FDNY.

When the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan in 2011, Dr. Basri offered his medical and disaster management expertise, as well as assisting during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Harvey.