Four No-brainer Health Tips Almost Every Pilot Forgets

Is it a pilot’s health matter or passengers’ safety matter? Based on psychology it is known for centuries that you are what you eat so we don’t need to mention that health is the most crucial element in someone’s life. So we can see now the importance of a healthy pilot, which goes beyond the […]

“Miracle on the Hudson” … and the “Sully” movie

Sully, the movie is being released in a couple of weeks. I’m asked if I’m in it. Short answer, no. Disappointed? A bit. So how did this big Hollywood movie with Tom Hanks and made by Clint Eastwood miss my role of a lifetime? My guess is that they cut me in editing the film […]


  THE BASRI DIET – THE OTHER PASSOVER DIET I’m going to ask you not to eat four things. If you don’t eat these three things, you will lose a lot of weight. But you must adhere to the diet 100% — not 90% or 95%. But it’s a simple diet.  It’s very straightforward.  You […]

The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc. (IWBA’s) 2015 Fall CLE Conference at Saratoga Springs, New York

The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc. (IWBA’s) 2015 Fall CLE Conference was held this weekend September 18-19, 2015  in Sarratoga Springs, NY. About IWBA – The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, Inc The Injured Workers’ Bar Association, established January 7, 1997, is comprised of attorneys from throughout New York State who concentrate their practice in representation of injured […]

Balloons Festival

This weekend balloon festival was a unique experience bringing together aviation, photography, beautiful sunsets, and ballooning. The weather in mid July could not have been better. It was clear bright sunshine and warm. When the balloons took flight at 7 PM there was a setting sun and a gentle breeze from the west. I came […]

***special****Slimmer for Summer with B12 aka Skinny Shots

*Package of Six Skinny Shots*   *Reduces the Storage of Fat*   *Increases Your Metabolism*   *Gives You Increased Energy* Morristown Airport (MMU) 1 Airport Road, Suite 203 Morristown NJ 07960 Phone: 855-407-4568 Crystal Run Medical Services, PC 236 Crystal Run Rd Suite 2 Middletown, NY 10941 Phone: 845-692-3100 Park Avenue Hair Solutions 109 East 38 Street, […]

Aeromedical Certification after alcohol or drug infractions *****8500-8 Section 18.v.

Aviators are a special breed, often close to adventure and active socially. When they are not flying, they may be subject to indiscretion and bad choices. A few may be involved in an incident involving alcohol or drug abuse that becomes a police matter.These are very serious situations both for the individual’s health and well-being, […]

Aeromedical Deliberations in the Germanwings Tragedy

The Germanwings tragedy this week brought to the forefront the mental health assessment for commercial airmen.  There are reports that the copilot had another serious health issue with his vision.   I would like to raise the possibility that there is a connection between the suicide, mental health issues, change in vision, and perhaps a brain […]