“I recently had a rather unpleasant bout with bladder cancer. (not uncommon in ex smokers). During the testing process, they also came up with a kidney stone. Two months later both doctors cleared me to work. (Urologist and Nephrologist). I never did pass the stone. AMAS guided me through the whole deal, and sent my paperwork to the FAA on April 7th. Next step? Wait 8+ weeks to get my special issuance. I talked to my AME, Ray Basri who is sympathetic to pilots being held to unfair/Godlike medical standards…He made phone call, lobbied for me and after 4 days, he issued me a special issuance medical. He seams to have a VERY good working relationship with the Northeast region flight surgeon. It most certainly greased some wheels. 56+ days vs. 4 days. I post this because there aren’t many AME who are truly interested in actually HELPING a pilot. Its easier to just move to the next guy. Ray is qualified as a “super” AME by the FAA. (not sure what that means exactly)
This is his info if anyone needs help. I am not the first he has gotten cleared BTW.” Ray Basri MD 1 Airport Rd Suite 203 Morristown NJ 07960 MMU airport….25 min west of EWR. Office Phone: 855-407-4568